Prescription Drugs Canadian: Buy Prescription Drugs Online

Prescription Drugs Canadian: Buy Prescription Drugs Online

Over time, in Canada, online drug stores selling prescription drugs have become the most widely used. This is because apart from the convenience they come with, they are way cheaper and affordable as compared to any other options. On top of that, the quality of drugs sold is good, they have a wide selection of drugs, and they have put in place all options to the drugs you want to purchase matters generic drugs and brand named-drugs. Most Canadian pharmacies are regulated and monitored by the Food and Drugs board hence you are assured of medication that is safe to use.

Prescription drugs cannot be purchased without a valid prescription from an authorized doctor. That should not discourage you because online Canadian Pharmacies have come up with an arrangement in cases where you do not have a prescription. In the arrangement, you will be required to give your medical history to a licensed online doctor who will assess your condition and go on to give you an authorized doctor’s prescription. In the event you already have your prescription, an online doctor provided by the online pharmacy will review your prescription and proceed to supply you with the medication according to your doctor’s instruction.

Canada Drugs Coupons

Prescription drugs can be a little more expensive as opposed to other drugs like the controlled substances. Sometimes these prices vary depending on the pharmacy, your proximity to a pharmacy and the type of drug you are purchasing. As such, you will need cheap options so that you do not get exhausted financially and at the same without compromising on the quality of the drugs. There are a few options available to help you with this.

  1. Go for the lowest prices – Some pharmacies spread out on a given location have varying drug prices. Go online and find the cheapest one and opt to purchase it.

Five Different Prices from Five Different Pharmacies on One Drug

A quick look at the above illustration will show you that by buying 90 300mg capsules of Gabapentin from Target Pharmacy will help you save a whopping $11.5 as opposed to buying the same drug in the same quantity from Rite Aid pharmacy. The same should go for all the prescription drugs you want to purchase, of course, while maintaining the drug quality.

  1. Use coupons – Discounted coupons are available online and can be downloaded directly to your email account and printed out. Carry this with you every time you visit your pharmacy for huge discounts. Most drug stores accept coupons but you can always confirm if your pharmacy accepts them

image3 17                               An Example of Amoxicillin Coupon for RX Pharmacy

Above is a random example of a coupon that can be downloaded and presented to a pharmacy for discounts on prescription drugs. The discounts range from 60% to as high as 80%. This will enable you to get your drugs at manageable prices.

  1. Use discount cards – These can be obtained the same way as the coupons and downloaded or sent directly by the coupon company to your address. They work just like coupons by giving you a discount upon production at your drug store.

image1 18                                          Samples of Different Types of Discount Cards

Discount cards are convenient and easy to carry around since they are compact and wallet-sized hence easy to carry around. You will need to carry it with you any time you visit your pharmacy to access huge discounts of up to 80% on drugs.

Canada Drugs Online Reviews

The best way to check on how a particular pharmacy is perceived among clients is by a quick check on its reviews online. Simply type the name of the pharmacy you are interested in followed by reviews. If it is XYZ pharmacy, for instance, type XYZ pharmacy reviews and you will get all the client feedback for your consideration. It is important to note here that negative feedback and positive feedback serve the same purpose of client awareness and should be deeply analyzed for effectiveness.

image2 19                                  A Screenshot of Online Reviews of a Particular Pharmacy

‘Seng Lim’ from the above illustration says he was not sure about the online purchase at first, but later on realized the pharmacy had ‘solid’ security/privacy policy and has since never regretted buying from them. He also notes that they have great prices.

‘AimeeLynn’, the second client, shows you that you can trust this particular pharmacy as they are the best she ever used. She goes on to tell you that the website is an easy one for navigation and convenient for locating medications.

Further, ‘blossom.loveth’ informs you of the great customer service he got from this particular pharmacy, not forgetting their unbeatable prices. Looks like a pharmacy you would purchase drugs at, right?

‘Crystal’ rated the pharmacy with 5 stars and says that he would recommend the pharmacy to anyone. He says that their drugs are top quality and are offered at lower prices together with friendly support.

There could be negative comments and feedback but when the majority of them are positive, it looks like a valid pharmacy to go purchase from.

Buy Prescription Drugs Online Legally

Quality prescription drugs can be accessed from any pharmacy, but it is in order if you purchased from a licensed pharmacy and qualified doctor. Most legal online pharmacies automatically have qualified doctors. As such, all you need to find is a legal vendor then you will land on medications of high quality. To find out if a pharmacy is legit or not, you will need to use websites that list all the non-recommended pharmacies. Sites like Pharmacy Checker, LegitScript, and NAPB among others are helpful in this case. Just type in the name of the site you have an interest in and you will get information on whether it is legit or not.

image4 7                               National Association of Boards of Pharmacy Official Website


Prescription drugs should not be difficult to access for anyone regardless of their financial state or location. All medications should be administered on a doctor’s instructions and adhered to fully. Beware of cons and fraudsters posing as vendors ready to con you of your hard earned money. If in doubt, please consult from our TOP List of recommended pharmacies for guidance.