Overseas Online Pharmacies: For Affordable Medication

Overseas Online Pharmacies: For Affordable Medication

Overseas Online Pharmacies are internet-based establishments that sell drugs to people all over the world.  The pharmacies have come up due to the intense need for people to access cheaper sources of drugs as the price of drugs has escalated to almost 1000% especially in the United States. By the use of a search engine, you will be able to see thousands of overseas online pharmacies from which you can buy drugs from.

You have to be careful as not all the overseas online pharmacies are legitimate. Some of them are rogue pharmacies that are operating illegally; these will entice you by offering to sell drugs at very low prices and offer other discounts as well. You should not fall prey to them as you will be putting your health and your money at risk. They will either sell fake drugs, fail to deliver the drugs ordered, or even steal your hard-earned cash through fraudulent means.

To identify a legitimate overseas online pharmacy, you will be required to search for a seal of approval on the pharmacy’s website. Certain bodies have been given the responsibility of regulating these pharmacies and they have set standards that must be met before the seal of approval is given. If an online pharmacy has not met these requirements and is still operating, do not trust them.

Some of the drugs sold by overseas online pharmacies

How to Identify a Rogue Pharmacy

An overseas online pharmacy that does any of the following should not be trusted as it is a rogue pharmacy:

  • They will offer to sell prescription drugs without asking for a prescription
  • There are no contact details on their website with which they can be reaches: This should be the first thing you will check before proceeding to purchase the drugs. Check if there is a contact number and dial it to know who is on the other end. If the phone is answered, ask questions and gauge the answers given to know if the site is being operated professionally.
  • The person dispensing the drugs at the pharmacy is just a salesperson and not a licensed pharmacist as the law requires. Such a person will only be after making sales and will not be able to answer any professional question regarding the drugs being dispensed.
  • In addition to selling prescription and other legal drugs, they will also dispense illegal and counterfeit drugs; search the website of the pharmacy for any illegal substance and if you discover it is in stock, keep off as it is a rogue pharmacy.
  • They will not guarantee the safety of your private details; dealing with a rogue pharmacy that easily discloses personal information to third parties in a breach of privacy and you should not trust such a pharmacy.
  • They will not have a valid seal of approval from the bodies that regulate overseas online pharmacies. The certifications on their website are fake and even the other documentation cannot be verified as well.
  • They will not indicate the country that hosts its headquarters; any legitimate online pharmacy must clearly state its country of origin on its website. If this has not been indicated, the pharmacy is fake and should not be trusted or dealt with in any way.
  • A rogue overseas pharmacy will have a lot of negative reviews from customers who have previously dealt with them. You should search for reviews on independent sites as reviews from the pharmacy’s website could be compromised to attract customers.

Photo of VIPPS accreditation seal

Photo of VIPPS accreditation seal

Best Overseas Online Pharmacies

Once you have identified a legitimate overseas online pharmacy, the process of ordering is quite simplified. To start with, the pharmacy will require that you open an account with them so that you can be able to buy the drugs. Once this is done, you will log into your account and search for the drugs you wish to buy. Ensure that you have a prescription if the drugs you wish to buy require a prescription; if you do not have it, the pharmacy will guide you on how you can consult an online doctor and get a prescription for the drugs. If the drugs can be sold without a prescription, you will just go ahead and place your order by following the prompts given on the pharmacy’s page.

If the drugs are in stock, you will click on them and add them to your cart, then press the checkout icon. The billing page will be displayed where you will be required to fill in the details of your payment and shipments. Ensure that the details are correct as any wrong information given will lead to a delay in the delivery of orders.

The pharmacy must have measures in place to ensure that your private details will be protected and in no circumstance will they be accessed by a third party. To protect yourself, ensure that you make your order using your mobile network and not a public wifi. It is easy for cybercriminals to tap into your communication an steal your private details if you are making the order in public.

If the details given are correct, your order will be processed and delivered within the shortest possible time. You can choose to have the drugs delivered via standard shipping which is cheaper but will take longer or through the express mail which is more expensive but the drugs will be delivered faster. To save up on the shipping costs, you can make your order in advance before the previous dose is over and have it delivered via standard shipping. This will ensure that you do not run short of drugs before the drugs ordered get to you.

Reputable Overseas Online Pharmacies Legality

Before you buy from an overseas online pharmacy, you have to certify its legality by checking if it is registered and has fulfilled all that is required by the bodies that regulate them. An online pharmacy should be duly registered, have qualified staff, and deal only with legally permitted products.

If you discover any illegal dealings with the online pharmacy, like the sale of drugs that are not labeled, or those whose use is legally wrong, do not deal with it as its operations are illegal.

You can search the website of the bodies that control these pharmacies if the pharmacy in question has been licensed to operate so that you do not make any mistakes.



Though overseas online pharmacies are a great way to save money on drugs, you should be careful to only deal with legitimate pharmacies. Avoid any sites that look suspicious as they could be selling fake drugs. To get directions that will help you in identifying a credible online overseas pharmacy, check out our list of Top Online Pharmacies.