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Online Pharmacies Canada is drug selling establishment whose headquarters is in Surrey, British Columbia. The pharmacy has been certified by Canadian International Pharmacy Association (CIPA), the organization responsible for regulating the activities of Canadian Pharmacies which sell drugs online.

The pharmacy sells both brand and generic drugs at reasonable prices and ensures that they reach the customers in the right condition. To ensure this is done, the pharmacy keeps track of the shipping and maintains constant contact with the customer until he gets the drugs.

The pharmacy is run by licensed pharmacists who are always available to attend to customers’ orders, queries, complains, and compliments as well. You will be able to contact them at any time without having to pay the toll fee for the calls made.  The drugs sold at the pharmacy are sourced from Canada, New Zealand, UK, US, Mauritius, and India, among others. The regular inspection by CIPA ensures that all the drugs sold at Online Pharmacies Canada are legitimate and will work perfectly to treat the complications for which they are prescribed.

How to Buy from Online Pharmacies Canada

The following is the procedure through which you can make an order from Online Pharmacies Canada:

To order online, you will log into your account with the pharmacy and search for the drug you wish to buy. If the drug is available, you will click on it and add it to your cart, then press the check out icon. You will be automatically redirected to the payment section where you will fill in the details of the method of payment you wish to use, and the shipping details and you can then wait for the drugs to get to the destination you have chosen.

If you wish to order via Fax or using the Mail option, you will fill in the order form and forward it to the pharmacy together with the copy of your prescription. The pharmacy will then contact your doctor for the verification of your order. You will also be required to provide an identification document which could either be a driving license, a passport, or even a birth certificate. A call will then be made to you in order to confirm if indeed you want the order processed.

To order via phone, you will contact the Online Pharmacies Canada during business hours. Ensure that your prescription is with you as you make the call. If you call beyond the business hours, you will leave your contacts and the customer care staff will get in touch with you as soon as possible.

The information entrusted to Online Pharmacies Canada is protected from unauthorized access by third parties. This will ensure that the information will not be used for any illegal dealings neither will you find the information regarding your health condition or the drugs bought on any other sight.

The maximum order you can place with the pharmacy is a three month’s prescription and there is no minimum amount. You will be able to buy what your doctor has prescribed if only it does not go beyond the recommended three months. If you wish to review your order’s status, all you have to do is to log in to your account and the information will be available. To order for refills, you will only be required to call the pharmacy and the refill order will be processed. You will only have to go through the normal ordering process if you have a new prescription.

The following reasons may lead to the delay of your order:

  • If you failed to provide your prescriptions or some details in the prescription are invisible.
  • If the payment process you selected delayed.
  • If the weather conditions are not conducive for the shipment or the number of items being shipped are too much.
  • At times, the customs officials may delay in providing clearance for the ship leading to a delay in the delivery of the drugs.

You should be certain that the drugs ordered are the correct ones as once the order has been processed and delivered; it cannot be sent back to the pharmacy. You will have to place a fresh order if your doctor made a mistake in the first prescription and you ended up with the wrong drugs. Reviews

Customers who have bought drugs from Online Pharmacies Canada have testified of the best services offered there.  Charlie is one of the customers and he says that it was his first time to buy drugs from the pharmacy and he was impressed. The pharmacy guaranteed that the drugs will be of high quality and the drugs would arrive on time and they were able to deliver on this promise. Bob is also another customer and he says that he placed his first order and he was happy with the way the friendly staff handled his case and made sure that his order was delivered really fast. Jenny P says that his greatest joy was being able to purchase the drugs 70% less than the price he would have bought for the same drugs in the United States.

Online Pharmacies Canada reviews

Online Pharmacies Canada reviews

The above testimonials proofs that you can trust Online Pharmacies Canada to deliver high-quality drugs which will be highly effective. Always ensure that you get the right prescription and when filling in the details for your payment method so that your order will not be held back due to a mistake that could have been avoided in the process of placing the order.

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The prices of most of the drugs sold at this pharmacy are seventy-five percent less than the price of the same drugs in places like the United States. This is a huge saving which will make even those who have little income able to buy the drugs. It will also ensure that those who suffer from terminal illnesses or diseases that will require constant medication are able to access the drugs.

At selected times, Online Pharmacies Canada will offer huge discounts which could even be 50% less than the price of the drugs. If you take advantage of such offers at the pharmacy, you will be able to pay even less.

Prices of some of the drugs sold at the pharmacy

Prices of some of the drugs sold at the pharmacy


Online Pharmacies Canada is a verified pharmacy that will sell original drugs at reasonable prices. You will also get to enjoy great customer service where all your concerns will be addressed in the shortest possible time. You should always be cautious when buying drugs online so that you do not end up buying fake drugs. Our list of Top Online Pharmacies will act as a guide when selecting a verified online pharmacy to buy drugs from.