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Online Canadian Pharmacy is an established pharmacy website that has been on the web since 2002. Although it is of Canadian origin, Online Canadian Pharmacy is accredited by the US and is legally importing over the counter and prescription drugs to its customers over the border. The laws in the US are strict concerning Canadian online pharmacies selling meds to US customers but Online Canadian Pharmacy has the license and permission to do so. As a Canadian pharmacy website, Online Canadian Pharmacy is a member of known pharmaceutical organizations such as Canadian International Pharmacy Association (CIPA) and International Pharmacy Association of British Columbia (IPABC). These organizations are a guarantee to the customers that Online Canadian Pharmacy is a legitimate Canadian pharmacy website that only sells safe, effective and FDA-approved products.

Since Online Canadian Pharmacy is operated by a large group of licensed pharmacists, its customers can be assured that the medicines that they are getting are exactly the ones which are prescribed to them by their doctors. This team of pharmacists is led by the owner of Online Canadian Pharmacy, Dawn Polley, also a licensed pharmacist. As a past president of the Canadian International Pharmacy Association, Dawn Polley assures the customers of Online Canadian Pharmacy that the meds they will be getting are only of the best quality. Online Canadian Pharmacy also prides itself on being the online pharmacy with the highest standards of patient care and customer service, meeting the drug and health needs of its clients accordingly.

The selection of medicines offered by Online Canadian Pharmacy is great and its customers can find whatever medicine they need on its rich assortment of meds. The advantage that the buyers will get in purchasing at Online Canadian Pharmacy is the big savings on both of their prescription and over the counter medicine needs. Compared to the local US drugstores, the meds here are up to 80% cheaper and buyers can just imagine the great savings that are waiting for them. Patients no longer have to endure the heavy medicine prices at local drugstores as Online Canadian Pharmacy stands ready to provide their needed meds for bargain prices.

Onlinecanadianpharmacy Contact Details

For customers who will be needing the assistance of Online Canadian Pharmacy’s customer service personnel, they can contact its customer service hotline which is +1 888 730 3338 for North American clients and +1 604 598 4669 for international customers. The Customer Care Specialists of Online Canadian Pharmacy are always ready to provide help to the callers that need them, assisting them with their concerns. For faxing their prescriptions, North American clients can use Online Canadian Pharmacy’s toll-free fax number which is +1 888 530 5688. On the other hand, international customers can fax their prescription to a different fax number which is +1 604 595 8976. Clients with no telephones or mobile devices for calling the hotlines of Online Canadian Pharmacy can send their concerns through email on its email address which is [email protected]

Unfortunately, Online Canadian Pharmacy is not open 24/7 to provide non-stop service to its customers. But users of its can take note of its operating hours so that they will be able to make transactions with the pharmacy store while it’s open. From Monday to Friday, Online Canadian Pharmacy is open from 6:00 AM to 8:00 PM Pacific Standard Time (PST). During Saturdays and Sundays, its operating hours start from 7:00 AM up until 5:00 PM, also PST. Coupon Code

Back in the early days when Online Canadian Pharmacy was still a new pharmacy website introducing itself, it offers various coupon codes to its customers to give them get discounted prices for their meds. These discount coupons are very helpful as they also offer free shipping perks that add to the potential savings of the customers. But these coupons are no longer available on their website and even its affiliate sites no longer offer the coupon codes that they used to offer for the store. Online Canadian Pharmacy never gave any reason why they took down the coupon discount system but looking at the prices that they offer for their meds which are generally cheap, buyers can still save a great deal without using these coupon discounts. Their medicine prices are already 80% to 90% cheaper than what the local pharmacies offer which is already a great gain for the customers who will be buying from them. The meds that they sell may be cheap but customers can be assured that these drugs are approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and manufactured by pharmaceutical companies which are GMP-certified. Reviews

Online Canadian Pharmacy User Review

Online Canadian Pharmacy User Review

A client of Online Canadian Pharmacy named “Mamamia” has been using the site for more than two years already. In this two years that she has been a customer, never once was she disappointed with the service that she got from the drugstore. She shares that she has been more than satisfied with the meds that she has received as well as the service that was given to her by its customer service personnel that assists her in the ordering process. Due to the volume of the customers ordering their meds from Online Canadian Pharmacy, she sometimes had to leave her number to the representatives to be called back. But once she gets past through the ordering process, everything is already easy she only have to wait for her refills to arrive. “Mamamia” also commends the representatives that assist her as always pleasant and helpful and she has already recommended the store to her family and other acquaintances. Complaints

So far, there have been no complaints about the service that Online Canadian Pharmacy provides to its customers. Checking its profile at Pharmacy Checker, a trusted pharmacy review site, all the user comments about Online Canadian Pharmacy are rated 5 stars by the customers themselves. Most of these reviews praise the store for its reliable delivery service and affordable medicine costs that allow them to buy their drugs at wholesale prices unlike at the local pharmacies in the US.


Online Canadian Pharmacy is an established online pharmacy site that has been operating since 2002. It is a member of known pharmaceutical organizations in Canada such as CIPA and IPABC which is a testament to its reliability. It’s also a US-accredited online pharmacy that’s why it can freely sell prescription and over the counter meds to its customers over the border. Meds here are cheap but are of excellent quality at the same time, approved by the Food and Drug Administration. Customers can also check our top recommended providers for more options.