Reviews – Better to Avoid for Safety Reviews – Better to Avoid for Safety is an online pharmacy that sells various medicines from categories ranging from ADHD up to women’s health. Just like other online pharmacies, the prices that it offers for its products are cheap. Most of its drugs are generic medicines, affordable versions of the expensive brand-name drugs which contain the same active ingredients and having the same course of action when used. encourages its customers to use generic meds for the great savings that they will get while experiencing the exact same benefits offered by the expensive medicines.

All in all, there are only 20 medicine categories offered by with a total of 79 different drug brands. Its selection of medicines is not as wide as what local pharmacies cover or even what most of its online pharmacy counterparts have. have focused only on the most frequently bought drugs, leaving the other medicine categories out.

In ordering medications here at, buyers are required to register or sign-up on its page and create an account. Whenever customers will be purchasing their medications, they are required to sign-in and no guest purchases are allowed. But the part where many customers are encouraged is it does not require its clients to provide any prescriptions. Buyers can freely select their prescription medicines and check them out with no questions asked. With no prescriptions required for their customer’s purchases, effectively helps the buyers save money and time since they no longer need to pay their doctors a visit.

The meds which are sold by are sourced from pharmaceutical companies in India that’s why it might take a few weeks before the customers receive their orders. There are two shipping options that are offered by The first one is the regular airmail which takes 14 to 21 business days before arriving at the customer’s address and has a cost of $24 USD. The other one is the express mail service through the United States Postal Service which only takes 7 to 12 business days and has a cost of $30 USD. – Discreet, Private, and Confidential Online Pharmacy

Its website is also secure as uses SSL encryption to protect the data being sent by its clients from being intercepted by third parties and outside sources. This ensures that the transaction between the customer and the site is private and confidential, inaccessible to fraudulent sources on the web. The orders of the customers are also packaged discreetly for their privacy. For the payment methods available for the customers to use, offers to accept all major credit and debit cards and eCheck payments as well.

But even with these features and offers, have received no positive reviews and all that’s available on the web are complaints about its services and accusations of scam. at issued no response to these customer-provided reviews, making its reputation questionable:

My24hrpharmacy Reviews

A customer of named Victoria Haneever is very suspicious of its operations due to the customer representatives of the store have tried to get her bank details while informing her at the same time that the credit card payment system would be broken for a week and that the express shipping would also be unavailable. She was informed that it’s going to take some time before she receives her orders and the system gets fixed. Acting on her suspicions, the customer called her bank to inform them not to pay anything to this store as the whole thing reeks of a scam. She also warns others to stay away from this pharmacy to avoid getting scammed.

Paul Sandowsky was also reporting the same incident of scam because he already lost $100 USD in buying from them and got nothing in return. He also shares the experience of his friend with chronic pain syndrome where after paying for his ordered pain medication, also received nothing. They tried contacting the store but it wouldn’t respond to the emails that they have sent. He was just disgusted with this experience that he had from

It is also the same thing for the next review for, coming from a customer named Susan Tilgner Latta. She cried fraud and warns other customers to stay away from this store as she has lost her money and did not receive any of her ordered medications. She tried reaching them by calling and sending emails but it was a hopeless scenario since she would receive no reply from them. Reputation Review

Due to the negative reviews that has received from its clients, its reputation has been greatly affected and has caused many potential customers to stay away from it. Below is a review from another one of its dissatisfied customers, unhappy about the experience he had with the site:

My24hrpharmacy Review

A customer named “ZAKI” from the internet shares his experience where the meds that he ordered took 21 days before it was finally shipped out. To make sure that he will be receiving the medications that he has paid for, he has sent a total of 5 request tickets to the customer service to make it a matter of urgency to them. After over 30 days of waiting, the shipment was finally delivered but the bad news is at a wrong address. He lives in Oregon and the meds were shipped to Florida. He made attempts to get the issue fixed with the customer service but with no success. And since the online portal for his orders o longer works, he’ll just contact his credit card company to dispute the charge on his account.

Is Scam or Legit?

The fraud-checking website Scam Adviser has already been analyzing the status of this website to help customers determine if this site is indeed a scam or if it’s legit. Since its analysis shows that the site is only 31% safe, it’s better for customers to avoid this website. Legit or not, a store with below 50% safety rating should be avoided at all costs to elude the risks of getting scammed. With this 31% safety score, it would appear that the site is a scam.


Since the reviews for are not very pleasing because of the reports of scam, customers are advised to avoid the site for their own safety. Although the store has a decent selection of pharmaceutical products at cheap prices, the store doesn’t have very good reviews which should be a warning to potential customers. For safe and reliable online pharmacies, check our top list of recommended drugstores.