Mexico Drug Store: The Online Store that Dispenses Rx Medicine with No Questions Asks

Mexico Drug Store: The Online Store that Dispenses Rx Medicine with No Questions Asks

When it comes to a Mexico drug store, the first thing that you can find online is MMDS or My Mexican Drug Store. MMDS has been in the industry of online selling of medicines for the last five years. Its aim is to provide safe and high-quality medicines to their customers, not only in Mexico but anywhere in the world.

Buying from MMDS is easy. You can search for the medicine you need by clicking on the category or by using the search box. If you already know the name of the medicine you need, you can just search for it for faster processing of your order.

For the medicines they offer, they offer at least 100 medical categories. They offer treatments for conditions like Alzheimer’s, diabetes, breast cancer, bronchitis, urinary tract infection, weight loss, vaginal dryness, seizures, obesity, muscle pains, arthritis, asthma, and athlete’s foot. They also have medications for ear infection, allergic disorders, edema, heart disease, hair loss, skin lesions, and skin care. When it comes to erectile dysfunction, the only medicine they have is Levitra. Unlike other online pharmacies that focuses on selling ED drugs, MMDS is more focus on providing other popular medicines like pain relief medications and over the counter drugs.

My Mexican Drug Store doesn’t have a contact number on their website. The only way to contact them is thru their contact us page. If you have any query, you can send it by sending them your name, email address, and your issue. A representative will send you a reply once they get around your message.

My Mexican Drugstore Reviews

If you are looking for the best online pharmacy on the web, the first thing that you need to check is not the price of the products they offer, it is the testimonies of the people who used it. Since My Mexican Drug Store was the first option we found online when it comes to Mexico drug store, we decided to check its reliability by reading some of its customers’ feedback.

Mexico Drug Store Customer Testimonials

Mexico Drug Store Customer Testimonials

For MMDS, we found three customer reviews. These reviews were shared by Elizabeth, Kat, and Janice. According to Elizabeth, she is from the UK and the tablets she needs are not available in her country. She was grateful to MMDS because they have it in their store. Elisabeth was happy because she just received her order and she hoped to order more from MMDS in the future.

The second review we found was from Kat. Kat is a loyal customer of My Mexican Drug Store and she was happy with the excellent service that she is continuously receiving from this store. Kat just received her last order as well.

The last testimonial for MMDS that we found was written by Janice. Janice appreciated the good and wide range of offers that MMDS has. She also loves the experiences she is receiving every time she makes an order or talks to the customer support team. As an online customer, Janice believes that they provide the best service from an online pharmacy.

The three testimonials we found for MMDS are positive but they are located on the pharmacy’s own site. To determine the quality of services, we prefer to see reviews not owned by the pharmacy.

Legitimate Mexican Pharmacy Online

Finding a legitimate Mexican online pharmacy can be difficult especially since hundreds of online pharmacies are claiming that they are the real one. If you are not sure if you are dealing with a legit online pharmacy, you can check our list of trusted and recommended online pharmacies to get your order refilled. In addition, here are some of the things that you need to watch out for in order to avoid becoming a victim of fraud:

  • They ask for a prescription if you are ordering an Rx medicine
  • They provide a physical address on their website
  • They provide a legit and working number as their contact number
  • They offer medicines at a competitive price, not at a very low price
  • They have in-house pharmacist or doctor that can answer your question about your medical condition and the medicine you are trying to order

If you find these criteria in an online pharmacy, then you are in luck. It means that you are dealing with a legit internet pharmacy and that you are bound to receive a genuine medicine and not a counterfeit one.

Prescription Drugs Mexico

Mexico Drug Store Products

Mexico Drug Store Products

In Mexico, people can order a prescription medicine without a prescription. This is the reason why Americans are crossing the border to get their old medicines back when their doctors no longer want to give them a prescription. This trend continued as Mexican online pharmacies started to operate and continued to dispense Rx medicines without asking for a prescription.

When a Mexican online pharmacy dispenses an Rx medicine without asking for a prescription, it doesn’t mean that they are illegal, it only means that they are exercising their rights being in a country with a lax drug law. This means that you should act responsibly and order medicines that you only need. Remember that Rx medicines are called Rx medicines for a reason, do not abuse it.


My Mexican Drug Store or MMDS is one of the most popular Mexican drug stores that you can find on the web. They offer all kinds of medicines. With the lax medical law of Mexico, it is not surprising that they no longer ask for a prescription when distributing Rx medicines.

If you think a Mexican drugstore is not worth trying and you still prefer a Canadian or Australian online pharmacy, you can still search the web. Just be conscious with the red flags in identifying an illegitimate online pharmacy. In addition, you can use our list of recommended online pharmacies for your prescription refill.