Legitscript.com – The Internet User’s Best Friend

Legitscript.com – The Internet User’s Best Friend

The internet is a free place to visit but due to the anonymity that it provides all its users, criminals and malefactors have inevitably snuck in, posing as a threat to the online safety of the consumers and businesses alike. These harmful elements on the web are so elusive that after doing their crimes, they just disappear without a trace. Scammers and hackers are the ones responsible for the acts of theft that occur on the web and most of the time, the victims don’t even have the resources to protect them from such attacks. But those days are over because internet users can now protect and defend themselves against the assault of internet crooks. Thanks to sites like Legitscript.com, this is all possible now unlike before.

Legitscript.com is simply a website that helps make internet a safer place. Their task is to help the public distinguish the genuine, legitimate, and legal businesses from the ones that are counterfeit or bogus. What Legitscript.com does is it probes further than what the appearances of a certain website show and provide that information to the customers with a verdict on whether the site should be trusted or not. It gives the users the background information concerning a certain website that they want to check and it even provides the most recent WHOIS record, the full details of who operates the site.

Sample WHOIS Record

Sample WHOIS Record

On the WHOIS record that’s detected by Legitscript.com, users will find the true location of a website, its street address, creation date, administrator, country of origin, and many other important details. This will now show the user if the site is indeed what it claims to be or if it is indeed located on the location that it says it is. If a site is valid, Legitscript.com will tag it as safe but if a website is a sham, it will tag it as rogue.

To protect more people from the risks that the scam websites pose, Legitscript.com has partnered with many companies to make their services legal and safe for the consumers. Since Legitscript.com has advanced expertise about high-risk online activities, the information that it shares on the web helps empower internet-based businesses and even governments, making the internet more transparent and secure for the consumers. Among the industries that use the expertise of Legitscript.com to protect their customers from fraudulent entities on the web are healthcare services, advertising platforms, payments, E-commerce, law enforcement, registries, brand owners, and many others.

On the front page of its site, users will already notice the two boxes provided by Legitscript.com and the first one is named Check Website Legitimacy. This is where users should put in the domain name of the website in question and they should just click verify to start checking.


Legitscript.com Website and Product Checker

Next to that box is the Check Healthcare Product Legitimacy where customers can type the brand name of a dietary supplement or a medication to know if they are legit or not.

Legitscript.com is much more than just checking website and product legitimacy since it has other services that internet companies utilize to help them with their security. Among the services that it offers are data services, platform sweeps, brand monitoring, product database, investigative analyses, merchant monitoring, internet monitoring, and others.

How to Safely Buy Prescription Drugs Online

Before ordering from a certain online pharmacy, customers should first drop by at fraud-checking sites like Legitscript.com and check the domain name of the site that they are in. Since the services of these websites are free to use, users should take advantage of it and use it to find out if the online pharmacy they are using is legit or not. This is the quickest and the easiest way to safely buy prescription drugs online, validating a website first before making orders. There are so many fake online pharmacies today that has the appearance of a legit pharmacy and customers should always be cautious to avoid them. Fraud-checking websites are customer’s allies in safe and secure shopping of meds on the internet.

As an additional precautionary measure, customers should never use their debit cards in purchasing for the first time at an online pharmacy. Instead, buyers should use credit cards with fixed limit just to be sure that their money is safe. Just in case that they happen to order on a fake pharmacy by mistake, customers can limit the damage that they will receive since the card that they have used has a limit.

Are all Canadian Pharmacies Rogue Online Pharmacies?

The answer to this question is a big no. Canadian online pharmacies are the favorite sites of the fraudsters to imitate since these pharmacies are the most trusted and the most established in the business. Their reputation was understandably affected by the fake online pharmacies that disguise as Canada online drugstores which only scam people for their credit card numbers. The statement that some “Canadian” pharmacies are rogue is true but a large number of them is legitimately operating.

Canadian Legitimate Online Pharmacy

Canadian Legitimate Online Pharmacy

Canadian online pharmacies are actually a big help to many American customers because of the cheap costs of the medicines that they sell. Prescription drugs at local US pharmacy stores are expensive to the point that many customers struggle just to buy a few pills of their needed medicines. But with the help of Canadian pharmacies, customers are able to buy sufficient amounts of their medications while saving money at the same time.

How do I Find a Legitimate Online Pharmacy?

Buyers should simply look for independent pharmacy review sites to check the online pharmacies with the best ratings. The online pharmacies on these review sites are legitimate and have already been reviewed and proven operational. Buyers should also avoid unfamiliar and suspicious pharmacy websites and should always look for the ones which have excellent reviews from independent pharmacy review firms on the internet.


Legitscript.com is the internet user’s best friend when it comes to verifying websites and checking them if they are genuine or not. Many people have already been benefited with the free service that Legitscript.com provides, helping them avoid scammer-operated websites that only aim to defraud the unsuspecting. Legitscript.com helps users know a certain website’s full background information before they even trust them with sensitive data like credit card numbers and personal info. For a list of secure and safe online pharmacies, customers should check our top list of online pharmacies.