Drugs Rx Com: An E-Dispensary Where Most Medicines are Unavailable

Drugs Rx Com: An E-Dispensary Where Most Medicines are Unavailable

Drugs Rx is an internet pharmacy and an escrow service for pharmacies. It means that they sell medicines that are offered by internet dispensaries. They serve as the channel or mediator between customers who order their medicines online and licensed drug sellers or pharmacies. Drugs Rx offers generic and branded medications and they have a long list of drugs to offer. If you want to check their available medicines, you can click on the different categories they have, click on their new arrivals or just select their bestsellers. If you already know the name of the drug you need, you can also type it on the search box to make your short faster.

Drugs Rx aims to help in providing quality medication. They offer to ship worldwide and operates 24/7. This e-dispensary delivers via Registered Airmail. All deliveries require a signature from the recipient. The cut off time for orders is at four in the afternoon. All orders processed after four in the afternoon on Fridays are processed the following business day, which is Monday.

Although Drugs Rx acts as a mediator between pharmacies and patients, they complete all orders and process it. All customers can process and pay their order thru their highly secured channel that uses 256-bit SSL certificate.

Drugs-rx.com Reviews

Drug Rx has a long list of available medicines on sale. They have affordable drugs on their shelves and they offer hard to resist promotions like free shipping and handling. They also offer a 30-day money back guarantee. With these offers on the line, we assumed that they have a lot of happy customers. After searching for customer reviews though, we end up with nothing. It looks like Drugs Rx has no happy and unhappy customers or they do not have any customers at all.

We checked for third-party reviews and found none as well. Without customer reviews to back their claims, we cannot make a guarantee that this website is indeed trustworthy and safe to use.

If you are planning to order your medicine from Drugs-Rx, keep in mind that you will only have to rely on what they are saying on the website.

Drugs Rx Com: Compare Drug Prices

Drugs-RX offers a wide range of medicines making it looks like a big pharmacy. They offer ADHD medicines, drugs to treat anxiety, drugs for weight loss, hair loss, pain relief medication, antibiotics, anticonvulsants, antipsychotic drugs, cancer treatment drugs, and erectile dysfunction medicines. They also offer sleeping pills, allergy medicines, drugs for thyroid, diabetes medicines, mental health, and eye conditions.

Upon checking, the prices of the medicines offered by Drugs-Rx are not available

Upon checking, the prices of the medicines offered by Drugs-Rx are not available. We tried to add it to cart but it is not responding as well. It looks like this website is no longer active, although there is no announcement or warning on their homepage yet. We noticed that all drugs offered on this e-dispensary are out of stock.

On their homepage, it says that they offer discount codes and discounts to bulk buyers. if you want to pay less, you should order more. They also cover shipping and handling fee to make it easier for their customer to make a purchase.

Drugs Rx Com: Prescription Drugs List

Despite the fact that all of the medicines listed on Drugs-Rx are out of stocks, we noticed that they did offer Prescription medicines. Prescription medicines such as erectile dysfunction drugs, ADHD drugs, anti-anxiety medicines, heart medicines, and mental health drugs were offered by Drugs-Rx.

It wasn’t clear as to why all of the medicines they offer are out of stocks. Even their ‘new arrivals’ are out of stock according to their website. If this is the case, it means that this e-store is already out of business or they are just waiting for their stocks to arrive.


Drugs Rx is an e-dispensary that offers a wide range of medications. All of their medicines are out of stocks and no information is presented such as price. Date of possible availability is also not confirmed. However, there is no announcement on their homepage as to whether they are still in business or not. As an online buyer, who would wait for an e-store to replenish their stocks right? Anyone who would see this store will surely think twice and move on to a new e-store. If you want to be sure about the service they offer, you can contact Drugs-Rx at 857-262-8778.

Drugs Rx has a lot to offer that can surely entice potential buyers. they offer free shipping and handling fee as well as coupon codes and discount codes. Their shipping is offered globally hence wherever you are, you will definitely get your order. to make it more exciting, Drugs-rx also offers a 30-day money back guarantee.

This e-dispensary has limited information available on their website. They didn’t indicate their start date and their location. Their page has no information as to when they started or where it is operating. With limited information to use, we are not recommending this internet dispensary to anyone at the moment. If you are looking for an internet store to use for your online order, you can check our list of top rated online pharmacies.

When ordering online, make sure to deal with legit online pharmacies online. Remember that more than 95% of internet drugshops are illegitimate and are operating to steal other people’s information and other people’s money. With only 4% of online pharmacies being legit, be vigilant when ordering your medicine online.

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