Youdrugstore: Canadian Pharmacy in Focus

Youdrugstore: Canadian Pharmacy in Focus

Online pharmacies have saturated the web and have steadily grown in number since buyers learned to substitute their local drugstores with online options for drug purchases. Although medicines are readily available through brick and mortar pharmacies, buyers are now shifting to web drugstore purchases due to their offers of anonymity (which is important to patients with embarrassing medical conditions) and enticing budget deals. However, despite the ostensive benefits, consumers should think twice before putting their faith in online pharmacies unless after extensive vetting especially on their credibility as web drugstores. To help consumers decide, we’ve dedicated time and effort to evaluate one-by-one the pharmacies that have come to our attention—in this case, Youdrugstore.

Canadian Pharmacy in Focus: Youdrugstore

You Drugstore is an example of an online mail-order prescription service. Allegedly, this online pharmacy is from Canada and to support its claim of being a fully “Canadian” store, You Drugstore sported seals of approval from organizations such as MIPA (Manitoba International Pharmacists Association) and CIPA (Certified Canadian International Pharmacy). However, besides these certifications, You Drugstore is also sanctioned by BBB since it also has a physical outlet in Canada.

According to the shop, it has started its service in 2012 and has operated in compliance with the national pharmacy scruples in Canada and the United States. While most online drugstores are claiming they have Canadian origins despite shipping out their products from offshore locations, the shop You Drugstore actually ships out its products from Canada. Because the shop is actually shipping out the products from its warehouse, consumers can expect a faster turnaround for their orders and less worry about their order transits.

Medicines found on You Drugstore are grouped into 3: prescription medications, over the counter products, and health and wellness products. For prescription medicines from You Drugstore, consumers are required to produce the scripts that come with their orders. If the consumers are unable to send the Rx via email or fax, orders are immediately canceled.

Concerning the most popular medicines on You Drugstore, buyers can purchase the following:

  • Impotence treatments
  • Skin care products
  • Diabetes medicines
  • Blood pressure treatments
  • HIV treatments
  • Surgery medicines
  • Arthritis treatments
  • …plus many others

A search function is provided on the website, but buyers can manually locate their medicines by examining the alphabetically arranged medicines on the shop. The shop assures its clients that all the medicines found in the store are sourced legally from FDA-certified manufacturers in the country (Canada). Besides, You Drugstore flaunts approvals from no less than the CIPA and MIPA, which means that the online drugstore has undergone ample scrutiny for the quality of its products.

To order from the shop, though, one must register or create an account prior to ordering since the shop has a strict policy concerning whose order to approve or disapprove. Nevertheless, consumers would not be able to place their orders without first signing up with the store.

Youdrugstore Review

To check if the You Drugstore claims are fabricated or not, we thought it important to consult CIPA Rx’s website for its confirmation of You Drugstore’s association with the organization. We half expected the worst outcome, but instead we were greeted by a favorable result:

CIPA Rx Result for You Drugstore

CIPA Rx Result for You Drugstore

Although most stores claiming to be members of the CIPA are bogus, You Drugstore was found truthful. CIPA recognized its association with You Drugstore—according to CIPA’s database, You Drugstore is included in the 60 web drugstores valid to bear the CIPA seal.

You Drugstore Review

You Drugstore Review

Besides the CIPA Rx verification, we also found several customer testimonials for the online pharmacy at one external review platform. According to one Bob Peltier, the shop You Drugstore offered him a seamless transaction and also allowed him to save 75% of his usual spending. He added that the orders were delivered to his location (Texas) in just under a week. Needless to say, he was satisfied and will order from the shop again.

You Drugstore Review

You Drugstore Review

An Argentina-based client also gave a 5/5 star report for the store and mentioned that he received his order in just 8 days. However, in his review, he criticized his country’s customs bureaucracies which immensely delayed his order. He warned the customers of this too—according to him, orders like his may go through additional delays during transit since the medicines will come from an international location.

Youdrugstore Coupon

To further assist clients, stores like You Drugstore are offering deals to help them maximize savings. Although coupon codes are unavailable at present, the store is offering free shipping to specific consumers:

You Drugstore Free Shipping

You Drugstore Free Shipping

According to the information from You Drugstore, customers may enjoy nil standard shipping rates for orders worth more than $100 and only $10 for the expedited shipping for consumers with orders more than $100.

You Drugstore product rates are kept low so buyers won’t have to struggle financially when it comes to purchasing medicines from the store. However, further savings ensue when buyers purchase massive orders as discount rates are guaranteed for consumers with large-scale purchases.


You Drugstore is a Canadian online pharmacy with verified associations with prestigious Canadian associations like CIPA and MIPA. This store has operated since 2012 and has since offered good service to its consumers. Reviews for the shop are scarce, but the few ones were from reliable third-party websites and are positive about the shop’s overall performance. All in all, You Drugstore is a reliable and a recommendable online pharmacy.

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