International Online Pharmacy: Advantages Versus Challenges

International Online Pharmacy: Advantages Versus Challenges

Over the recent past, there has been a rise in the online purchases medication purchase trend and this has led to a spike in International Online Pharmacies willing to match up the ever-growing customer needs. Online Pharmacies, as opposed to your local drug store or chemist, run all their transactions online in a streamlined procedure that is safe and easy to use for everyone.

A good International Online Pharmacy should display the services offered on their official page as well as valid contacts for ease of reference by clientele. It should also have online pharmacists who help clients in assessing prescriptions or drafting prescriptions for quality drugs.

See below the approval seals most International Online Pharmacies use. They will be displayed visibly on a pharmacy’s website to show that it is approved.

Legit Pharmacy Approval Seals

Legit Pharmacy Approval Seals

Shopping for Meds Online: Advantages Versus Challenges

Simply put, online pharmacies have a step by step procedure that is clear and easy to follow regarding their services. The streamlined procedure ensures that even a totally new client finds their way around easily. The outline is as follows:

  1. Search for drugs – On opening the official page of an online pharmacy, search for the drug or drugs you intend to purchase by name.
  2. Place an order – Most online pharmacies have their orders placed via fax, direct email or direct call through their displayed contacts.
  3. Quantity specification – Specify the quantity of the drug you wish to purchase in terms of milligrams and number of pills (if it is in tablet or capsule form) or otherwise if it is in liquid form.
  4. Enter your payment details  Here, you will be required to fill in your preferred mode of payments. Most online pharmacies prefer payments through VISA, credit cards, PayPal among others entirely dependent on client preference.
  5. Fill in your shipping details – You will need to enter details regarding your preferred pick-up location where your package will be delivered to. This is for your convenience and up to the company to honor.
  6. Wait for your delivery note  You will be notified when your order is ready so that you pick it up. Most pharmacies will deliver a few days after the payment has been completed.

Some of the advantages of online pharmacies include:

  1. Privacy and confidentiality – You get to deal anonymously with a doctor in cases of situations you consider ‘embarrassing’, on top of having your orders packaged well out of scrutiny.
  2. Convenience all around – You will order from the comfort of your home and have your package delivered to your preferred place of collection.
  3. Promotional offers and bonuses – You get free shipping with most International Online Pharmacies on top of free discounted prices for large purchases and bonuses like free drugs among others.
  4. Cheaper prices – Online pharmacies are far cheaper hence affordable to anyone regardless of your financial ability.

On the other hand, International Online Pharmacies have a few setbacks like:

  1. Risk of cons and scammers – Occasionally you will run into online scammers posing as legit vendors with an intention of conning you of your cash.
  2. Possible Insecurities – Some malicious online vendors will use your financial details to steal from you hence making you incur losses on your end.
  3. Illegal drugs – If you purchase from online pharmacies that are not certified, you may not only receive illegal drugs but also counterfeit drugs and less quality drugs, hence jeopardizing your health.

Viagra from International Online Pharmacy

The most widely purchased drugs in online pharmacies are erectile dysfunction drugs. Most men suffer from this condition but because it is deemed rather ‘embarrassing’ to handle openly, they are taking advantage of the anonymity of online doctors to obtain the drug. Viagra comes in both branded forms and generic forms and can be bought with or without a doctor’s prescription from an online pharmacy. In cases where you do not have a prescription, a certified online doctor will analyze your situation and draft a suitable prescription for you.

image1 17

Erectile Dysfunction Drugs Price Chart

Confidentiality is observed further by the way most pharmacies package their Viagra drugs. The packages are sealed perfectly such that you cannot tell the content just by looking at the outside. This will save you the embarrassment if you do not want people to know what kind of parcel you are picking up.

Most online pharmacies will sell you Viagra drugs on much-discounted rates and on top of that give you appealing promotional offers from time to time, as in the above chart.

International Online Pharmacy Reviews and Legit Check

Client feedback is an important part of online pharmacies as it acts as a check of quality service delivery. The most efficient way of knowing more about an online pharmacy is by reading online reviews about the particular site. You will get to learn whether it is a recommended site or not. Below are some reviews for International Online Pharmacy, Pharmacy Mall.

                                                        Pharmacy Mall Reviews

Pharmacy Mall Reviews

Matthew from the USA says the delivery from an International Online Pharmacy was okay.

Simona from the US says that it is the first time she is happy since her order was great and delivered on time with everything okay.

Kaiman from the United Kingdom says the order was easy to place and promptly processed.

Smith S from the United Kingdom says that he had a great experience with the International Online Pharmacy he purchased from.

Alternatively, you can run a legit check on the pharmacy on websites that have listed pharmacies that are not recommended. Such site include Pharmacy Checker, LegitScript, NABP (National Association of Boards of Pharmacy)

image3 19                               National Association of Boards of Pharmacy Front Page

All you need to do is type the name of the pharmacy you are looking to purchase from and check its legitimacy. Also, look out for signs of an online pharmacy that might not be legal. A legal website should have valid contacts details displayed on its site, on top of having positive reviews from consumers who have used it before. It should also have been operational for a given period of time as most scam sites are just a few months operational.


While doing your transactions with Online Pharmacies, remember that your safety is important and that you should report any suspicious sites you come across so as to be safe and also protect others. All medications should always be administered by a medical expert to avoid any negative effects. Medications should be used according to dosage and doctors’ instructions and should not be shared. Remember that whenever you are in doubt, you can always check our TOP List of recommended pharmacies to clear your doubts.