Canadadrugstop – Secure Source of Affordable Drugs with Some Gaps in Customer Services

Canadadrugstop – Secure Source of Affordable Drugs with Some Gaps in Customer Services
Canada Drug Stop

Canada Drug Stop is an established online pharmacy that is dedicated to providing customers around the world with quality medicines at prices that can be afforded by everyone. It was founded back in 2003 and is now in service for over 1 decade, helping people save money in buying their prescription meds. Although it has its headquarters in Canada, Canada Drug Stop’s meds are not only sourced from Canadian pharmaceutical companies. It has partner drug manufacturers in countries like Australia, United Kingdom, India, New Zealand, Turkey and Mauritius in the Pacific.

What’s good about Canada Drug Stop is that it’s a licensed pharmacy, dispensing medications to customers through licensed pharmacists who are very knowledgeable about the meds that the patients need. Buyers can be assured that the medicines they get are carefully selected by the pharmacists for their safety. Another thing is that Canada Drug Stop is a secure website that protects the information that is being sent by its clients. The credit card information, as well as the personal information that is being filled out by the customers in the forms, are being encrypted by Canada Drug Stop to prevent it from being intercepted by third parties. All the data from the customers are kept by Canada Drug Stop as confidential. This also goes for the medical information that the customers are sending to its website. Customers are assured of their privacy as Canada Drug Stop never discloses or sells information to other websites for their client’s privacy.

Unlike other online pharmacies that don’t require their customers to provide prescriptions, Canada Drug Stop adheres to the prescription medicine policy where only customers who have prescriptions from their physicians will be able to purchase prescription drugs. Buyers without prescriptions won’t be able to buy prescription medicines but what they will only be able to purchase are over the counter drugs.

The standard shipping fee for the customer’s orders is just $10 USD and the delivery of orders will only take 8 to 12 days from the day that they have ordered until its final delivery. It will only take 12 to 24 hours of processing before the customer’s orders are dispatched and made ready for sending.

Express Post

Canada Drug Stop only uses Express Post for shipping its customer’s orders which is a lot quicker than the standard airmail that other online pharmacies use, taking for up to 3 weeks before reaching its destination. The customer’s meds also arrive with drug facts and usage sheets to help them use their meds properly, avoiding mistakes that could be dangerous or mistakes that could render their meds ineffective. Buyers can also order as many drugs as they need as Canada Drug Stop imposes no restrictions with how much meds the customers should be able to purchase.

There are various ways of ordering that are offered by Canada Drug Stop to its clients. The most basic one is to order through its website which is the common way of ordering used by many of the customers. The next one is through fax where clients can fax their orders to Canada Drug Stop’s fax number along with their prescriptions. Another one is through email where clients can just send an email to its email address and its email team will be taking their orders. Orders can also be made by using the snail mail and lastly, buyers can also contact its phone hotlines to make their orders through the phone.

Is Legitimate: Canada Drug Stop Reviews

Here are some reviews for Canada Drug Stop, coming from customers who were satisfied with its service:

Canada Drug Stop Customer Reviews
Canada Drug Stop Customer Reviews

A customer by the online name of Tofts62 shares his experience where he has already been using Canada Drug Stop for over 2 years and so far, he is extremely satisfied with the service that he is getting. He is pleased that the delivery of his ordered meds is just within 2 weeks and never late. He’s also happy about the low prices that this pharmacy offers, allowing him to get the value for his money. He gave Canada Drug Stop a 4-star review for its excellence.

Another client of Canada Drug Stop by the name of FlyBoyBill gave a higher rating of 5 stars for the store’s professional, polite, and knowledgeable service. Canada Drug Stop’s customer service representatives are properly trained to provide the best assistance to clients that will be needing help with their medications and that’s what the customer has encountered when he needed some help. He also mentions Canada Drug Stop’s delivery service which delivered his meds at its promised time frame. Due to this satisfying service that he has received, the customer looks forward to doing future business with the store. For the payment of orders, Canada Drug Stop accepts MasterCard, VISA, and eCheck payments.

Canadadrugstop Online Reputation

But along with the positive reviews for, it has also received negative ratings from its clients. Overall, it’s still a store with a decent reputation even after receiving various complaints. Some people complain that their orders take too long to arrive while others complain of receiving no response from its customer service hotlines. offered no explanations nor solutions to these concerns to the disappointment of some of their clients. These bad experiences were not encountered by most of its customers but this lapse in the service that it provides have caused many to look for a different online pharmacy to buy from.

Canada Drug Stop Login

Unlike other Canadian online pharmacies that offer their customers guest purchases, Canada Drug Stop requires its customers to sign-up for an account that they should log on to before making purchases from its store. This is for the store to add the details of its clients on its database, enabling the clients themselves to monitor their drug purchase history, making it easy for them to reorder. This also allows Canada Drug Stop to make sure that their customers are eligible, just in case they have to purchase prescription drugs as only clients with accounts can fax their scripts to the shop.

Canadian Pharmacy

Canadian pharmacies are the most popular pharmacies online. Their trademark is their great customer service coupled with excellent-quality meds offered at affordable prices. Almost all Canadian pharmacies have similar traits but customers should always beware of the counterfeit ones which are operated by scammers. These fake online pharmacies are only used as fronts for stealing credit card information and customers should avoid them at all costs.


Canada Drug Stop is a reputable online pharmacy whose aim is to bring quality meds with cheap prices to its customers around the world. It is a secure online pharmacy that protects its customers by keeping all the information they enter as confidential. Prescriptions are required in buying here just like at local pharmacies but the delivery of orders here is quick and ordering is easy. For other online pharmacies like it, check our top list of recommended pharmacies.