Best Online Pharmacy That Does Not Require a Prescription

Best Online Pharmacy That Does Not Require A Prescription

There are two major reasons that make people buy their drugs on the web. The first reason is due to the low prices. If you compare the price that you pay for your drugs locally to the one that online drug stores charge you, you will notice that online med stores will let you save more than 70%. Some of the drugs that you get online have savings as high as 90%. Even with insurance copay, the load that you carry is far too high. Many people are paying as high as 25% to 80% out of pocket despite having an insurance policy.

Best Online Pharmacy That Does Not Require A Prescription
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The second reason for ordering online is because people think that they may get their drugs without having to go through all the trouble of getting a prescription from their physician. Getting drugs online is not easy given that you have to choose the pharmacy to order from among thousands of scammers. This is why people want to know if there is a great pharmacy available online that will just dispense their drugs without demanding a prescription. Before we answer this question, let’s answer a more crucial question: is ordering drugs from stores that don’t require a prescription safe?

Are Online Pharmacies that Don’t Require a Prescription Safe?

Instead of providing just one answer and end up looking as if we are biased, we decided to get an input regarding this question from a number of people. To achieve this, we checked Quora. The question that sparked the answers that we are about to look at is the following:

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The Quora user wanted to know whether it is safe to buy pills online from sites which don’t require prescriptions. We found this question interesting since it is 100% related to the question that we are looking to answer. The answers provided are as follows:

Buying Meds from Non-Prescription Sites

Jim says that ordering meds from sites that don’t require a prescription is only safe if you are not going to use the meds which you receive. He says that there is a reason as to why prescription drugs are supposed to be taken while following the doctor’s orders. He says that the drugs which originate from shady-looking sites are usually fake. You cannot be sure about the dose or ingredients. Jim says that he ordered drugs from a non-prescription site. The activity cost him $800 for an ambulance and another $1000 of observation at the ER.

Rocky says that taking medication without a prescription can affect your body. He says that it is important to have a prescription. He also says that it is illegal to take prescription meds without a prescription.

Buying Meds Online

Warren says that it is not a good idea to buy drugs from a site that doesn’t ask for a prescription. He equates this to taking your entire life and health and placing it into your own hands.

From what we can depict from the above answers, it is not good to buy drugs that require prescriptions from a website that does not ask for the prescription. You might receive fake drugs which will mess your health even more. If the drugs that you are buying are not over the counter drugs, it is important to buy them from a website that requests a prescription for you to be safe.

Best Canadian Online Pharmacy

There are numerous great Canadian pharmacies which will sell both drugs that require a prescription and OTC drugs. After observing all these pharmacies and checking all the qualities which make them unique, we managed to find one that has all the qualities that an online drugs buyer would be looking for. The drugstore is Trust Pharmacy.

Best Canadian Online Pharmacy

Trust Pharmacy has thousands of drugs in their catalog. This means that it is very hard for you to miss the drug that you are looking for. On top of this, the pharmacy reviews are all positive. This shows that even after serving more than a million customers for more than one and half decades they have been operating, they have managed to keep providing great services.

We checked their reviews. The reviewers are congratulating the pharmacy for offering high-quality medications, delivering these meds on time, and always having an awesome customer support. Trust Pharmacy has great prices. Taking an example of Viagra, you will be required to pay $0.27 for a pill. In the local stores, the lowest price that we have found is 70 dollars. This means that you save 69.73 dollars. This is equivalent to saving 99.61%. The prices for the drugs that you find at Trust Pharmacy will always allow you to save 90%.

Online Mail Order Pharmacy

All reputable online pharmacies will provide mail order as a delivery option. Scam stores will still offer this as an option in order to trick you into thinking that you will actually receive your order. This is why you have to only stick with stores whose delivery services have been verified. We have verified the mail order delivery for the pharmacies available in our catalog. Drugs take two weeks to arrive. If they are late, they arrive within three weeks.

Payments are not a problem. The pharmacies in our top-rated list will allow you to pay using credit cards. You can dispute your charges any time when you pay using credit cards.


If you are not buying non-prescription drugs online, it is important to avoid buying your drugs from online sites that promise to deliver prescription drugs without a prescription. You may end up receiving fake meds. The drugs that fall under the prescription meds list are different in different countries. Therefore, you may find an online pharmacy that sells you prescription drugs without a prescription since the meds are over the counter in the country in which the pharmacy is located. However, this is very rare. We advise you to stick with confirmed pharmacies. These are available in our top-rated catalog. The drugs that you receive from these pharmacies, whether they are prescription or OTC drugs, they will always be genuine.