Canadian Online Pharmacies That do Not Require a Prescription

Canadian Online Pharmacies That do Not Require a Prescription

Canadian Online Pharmacies that do not require a prescription are not legitimate. It is a requirement by CIPA and other health bodies that control online pharmacies that every drug that is classified under prescription-only drugs should only be dispensed when there is a valid prescription from a qualified doctor. If you do not have a prescription, the pharmacy will direct you to an online doctor who will help you in getting a prescription after consultation. He will fax your prescription to the pharmacy you wish to buy from and from there; you will be able to place your order.

A legitimate Canadian Online Pharmacy puts the safety of their customers first and will only dispense drugs after there is proof of examination and prescription. The drugs sold are original and will, therefore, work in the same way as the drugs sold at local pharmacies. When your doctor is writing your prescription, you can request him to prescribe generic forms of the drugs so that you can save money and spend less on your medication.

Prescription drugs sold by Canadian Online pharmacies are as effective as the brand drugs; the only difference between them is that brand drug is made by one manufacturer and is more expensive while the generic drug is made by different generic manufacturers who sell the drugs at very cheap prices.

Legitimate Canadian online pharmacies that do not require your physical presence before they can process your order and deliver it to your destination of choice have provided a solution to those people who are unable to leave their houses or are too busy to go to a pharmacy to buy their medication. Those who are ashamed to ask for help from a doctor especially those who suffer from complications such as erectile dysfunction can easily log in to a Canadian online pharmacy and buy drugs and have them delivered at their homes.

Photo of Verification certificate from CIPA

How to Detect a Rogue Canadian Online Pharmacy

A lot of online pharmacies claim to have their headquarters in Canada while in the real sense, they are located elsewhere. Such pharmacies will conduct their activities without giving any regards to the requirement of the regulatory bodies and will dispense any drug without caring if you have a prescription or not. Below are the characteristics of a rogue Canadian online pharmacy:

  • They will not offer protection on the financial and personal information of their customers.
  • Instead of having the real seal of the verifying bodies, they will put fake seals to lie to unsuspecting customers that they have met all the qualifications.
  • A licensed pharmacist will not be available if you need to talk to one and in her place, the orders will be dispensed by salespersons who know nothing about drugs and their only mission is to make sales.
  • The stock both legal and illegal drugs and at times counterfeit medication
  • You will not find a contact number with which you can contact the pharmacy in case a concern arises.

Canadian Online Pharmacies Checker

Canadian online Pharmacies checker is a body that helps to identify credible online pharmacies that can be trusted to supply original medication at reasonable rates. By using pharmacy checker, you will find all the licensed pharmacies in places like the US, Canada, among others. These are the pharmacies that are careful to observe all the safety criteria and will not put the details or the lives of those shopping with them at risk.

Pharmacy checker will also help in comparing prices and through it, you will be able to know the Canadian online pharmacies that do not defraud their customers but sells the drugs at the lowest possible price. You will find a comparison of different drugs in various Canadian pharmacies on pharmacy checker making it easy for you to make a choice on the best pharmacy to buy from.

If you need clarification regarding any issue that concerns online pharmacies, all you have to do is to type in your answer and you will find all the answers at pharmacy checker. There are experts who are always ready to tackle the question keyed in by customers worldwide. There is also a pharmacy checker blog where discussions are always ongoing regarding online pharmacies and you can join the discussions to get more enlightened concerning these online pharmacies.

Canadian Online Pharmacies Free Shipping

Canadian Online Pharmacies Free Shipping

There are Canadian online pharmacies that will deliver the drugs ordered to any destination without asking for shipping fee. This will enable customers to pay less for the total cost of drugs and it is also a way of encouraging them to keep shopping with the online pharmacy.

Other online pharmacies will set a maximum value of drugs which can be transported free of charge. If you do not buy drugs worth this price, you will have to pay a small fee for the shipping of the drugs. This price is still too low compared to the cost of the same drugs in local pharmacies and you would still be saving a lot.

If you wish to have the drugs delivered fast, you will be required to pay more for transportation. Express mail will be used in this instance and you will be able to track your drugs until they get to you. There is also the option of standard shipping where the drugs may take longer to get to you, sometimes taking up to 25 days. This is as a result of customs check and other regulations as the drugs are shipped. In both ways, you can be assured that you will get your drugs in good condition.

Photo of one of the Canadian Online Pharmacies

Photo of one of the Canadian Online Pharmacies


Canadian online pharmacies that do not request a prescription cannot be trusted as they are putting the lives of those buying from them at risk. They are encouraging the abuse of drugs where anyone can walk into a pharmacy, ask for a prescription drug and no one will ask for a prescription. Such pharmacies are only focused on sales which is quite sad. You should only buy where your safety is put first before making sales. To help you in choosing the right /Canadian Online Pharmacies to buy from, you can check out our list of Top Online Pharmacies and choose one among these legitimate pharmacies.