Canadian Drugs Online: A Cheaper and Easier Way to Buy Meds

Canadian Drugs Online: A Cheaper and Easier Way to Buy Meds

Canadian pharmacies are not serving Canadian citizens only. They are serving people from the whole world. The internet has managed to make these pharmacies increase their earning while at the same time, saving people their money. People in the local stores are forced by their health problems to pay thousands of dollars for their medications every month. People try to reduce the drug prices by establishing an insurance plan in order to save more money. However, the insurance companies are letting the consumer pay between 25% and 80% of the drug prices. The only solution remaining for millions of people who need drugs in order to stay healthy is to buy Canadian drugs online.

There is a hot discussion that revolves around whether it is legal to import medications from Canada. After doing our research, we have determined that ordering meds from Canada is 100% legal. However, there are some few things that you need to observe. The first thing is whether the meds that you are ordering are prescription meds. If they are, get a valid prescription from your physician before ordering. Another thing is to know whether the drugs have been approved by the FDA. If they are not, you will have to order a supply that does not exceed 90 days. From our research, we have found that the customs will not enforce the FDA law as long as you have a prescription for controlled drugs and the quantity that you have ordered does not come across like you are trying to sell the meds.

Canada Drugs Online Reviews

Some people don’t believe that it is possible to get medications from a foreign country and manage to save money while getting genuine meds. In order to prove that it is really possible, we have searched the reviews that exist online from people who ordered their meds from a Canadian pharmacy and are happy with what they got.

Canadian Drugs Online Testimonials (source: https://www

Canadian Drugs Online Testimonials

The first reviewer was skeptical about sourcing his meds online. He called Canada Drugs Online twice to get some answers. The pharmacy was patient with him and they answered all his questions. After they received his prescription, they contacted him right away to process his order. He was expecting the order to arrive on October 16th. However, the meds arrived two weeks earlier. They took less than a week to arrive.

Evans says that after the Canadian pharmacy received his prescription script, he was able to receive his meds in less than two weeks in the UK. He is pleased with them. The third commenter claims that he was able to receive his order on the 9th day. He claims that the Canadian pharmacy has a service that is easier to use. The price was also very cheap.

The fourth reviewer claims that he has received 2 orders from the Canadian pharmacy. He has enjoyed both a low cost and their prompt services. They always call him to confirm the order within 24 hours.

Don’t trust every pharmacy that you find on the web based on the above positive reviews. There are probably thousands of fake Canadian pharmacies which will steal from you or deliver fake meds. Stick with using proven stores and avoid random ones which you find on the web. This will save you money and your health. The top-rated Canadian pharmacy that has reviews that are similar to the ones that you have just read is Online Pills.

Canadian Drugs Online Viagra

The cost for Viagra in the local stores is as high as 70 dollars a pill. When you use Canadian online pharmacies, the price drops. The following price list is for brand Viagra.

Canadian Brand Viagra Price Online

Canadian Brand Viagra Price Online

The highest price is a mere 18 dollars. This is the price you pay to take home a single pill of brand Viagra that has 100 mg sildenafil citrate and originates from Canada. You can opt for a cheaper option which originates from New Zealand. The New Zealand pill is worth $14.70 a pill. The intermediate cost pills are sourced from the UK. They cost $16 and 17.30.

Canadian Online Generic Viagra Cost

Canadian Online Generic Viagra Cost

Brand Viagra is not the only medication available on the web anymore. Since Pfizer lost the patent for sildenafil citrate, numerous companies around the globe have been manufacturing drugs which contain sildenafil citrate in them. The price for generic Viagra is lower due to the competition in the market. The highest that you will have to pay for a pill is $3.61. This is when you get a 10-pill pack. If you buy a whole year supply which amounts to 360 pills, you get to save $935.71. You will only need to pay $1.01 for a pill and hence a total of $363.89. The prices listed above for generic Viagra are only available at Online Pills. This is a pharmacy that we have investigated its Viagra and proven that it offers high-quality sildenafil citrate which will eliminate your erectile dysfunction.

Ordering Canadian Drugs Online

People worry that using the web to get their drugs is complicated. This is something that should not worry you. The Canadian pharmacies have very easy to use online pharmacies such that anyone can place their order easily. Drugs usually take 2 to 4 weeks to arrive. Therefore, if you are using the Canadian pharmacies to get prescription meds, you will need to order them about 4 weeks before you run out. You should always pay using credit cards when ordering drugs online. This will ensure you are safe in case you make a mistake and order from a scam site without knowing. You can dispute the charges.


As you can see in the price list at the beginning of this article, it is clear that Canadian online pharmacies have the ability to help you save more than 90% of the money that the local pharmacies force you to pay. The problem for most people is that they cannot locate great Canadian pharmacies. With the thousands of online pharmacies which look alike, finding a real pharmacy is hard. However, we have got you covered. Use Online Pills Pharmacy to get access to genuine medications which will cost you a fraction of the price that you pay for the same drugs in the local stores.