Buy Meds Online (no Script)

Buy Meds Online (no Script)

Prescriptions are a necessary requirement in purchasing prescription drugs locally. Customers won’t be able to proceed with buying their prescription meds without it, requiring them to pay their doctors a visit so that they will be given prescriptions which they will be needing to buy their meds. But buying meds online allows the customers to skip this process. A large number of online pharmacies don’t have this requirement and buyers can get their prescription drugs right away without providing any scripts. Not many people are happy with getting prescriptions since prescriptions cannot be obtained without spending money. Doctors have professional fees and buyers should pay them to get prescriptions. A large number customers are not pleased with this process as most people only have enough money for buying their medicines. Paying their doctors for a piece of paper which makes them eligible to buy the drugs that they need is not really that helpful to many people. Though it’s undeniably necessary for some, it only appears as a bother many.

But customers can always go to Trusted Tablets, an online pharmacy that sells a wide range of quality medicines and never requires prescriptions from its clients. Prescription drugs can be bought over the counter at Trusted Tablets, helping many people save money. It’s a lot convenient to buy meds here than at local drugstores as it can be accessed anywhere. Buyers can make their orders from work or from home without having to leave. They can have their orders delivered to their address or location of choice since Trusted Tablets have reliable courier and delivery services as partners in sending quality drugs to different parts of the world. Another benefit that the customers can enjoy aside from the convenience that Trusted Tablets affords is the low prices for their medicines. Customers can basically purchase their meds at prices which are 80% to 90% cheaper than what local pharmacies sell. The savings that they will get at Trusted Tablets is so huge that they’ll be able to buy large amounts of their needed medications and still save a substantial amount.

But cheap medicine costs and prescription-less drug purchase are not the only advantages of getting drugs at Trusted Tablets. They also offer great discounts to customers which will make their savings even bigger. The discounts provided by Trusted Tablets are its bulk purchase discounts and returning customer discounts. In bulk purchase discounts, customers can potentially save hundreds of dollars as the number of pills they buy increase. The meds of Trusted Tablets basically become cheaper when bought in large quantities. The returning customer discount at Trusted Tablets takes effect the moment a customer purchases for the second time. Their orders will have an automatic discount that increases each time they return to buy their meds. For their second-time orders, their orders will get a 5% discount and for all the succeeding orders, they will get a 7% price-off to the total amount of their purchases.

Aside from these discount offers, Trusted Tablets also offer additional bonuses such as free pills and free shipping on orders. All customers are entitled to the free bonus pills and these are included in every purchase that they will make. As for the free shipping of orders, customers only need to purchase medicines with a total amount of $150 USD and their meds will then be shipped free of any shipping charges.

The Smart Way to Save on Prescription Drugs

The smartest way to save on prescription drugs is to avoid purchasing them at local pharmacies. The prices at local drugstores, especially for the prescription meds, are so expensive that buyers basically have to spend hundreds of dollars just for a few pills that they need. The prices of medicines are so crippling at the local drugstores that even if customers use coupons to get discounts, no difference in price would be felt as coupons will only be able to slash a few dollars off. Since local drugstores are not the only sources for high-quality medicines, it would be smart for customers to buy from online pharmacies. Convenience and savings are the most prominent features that online drugstores offer and customers should be smart to take advantage of them. And since most of the online pharmacies don’t require prescriptions for prescription drugs, it will be additional savings on their end.

How to Buy Medicines Safely from an Online Pharmacy

Even if purchasing medicines online offers great convenience and ease for the customers, there are still risks to be considered. Fake online drugstores are a constant threat to the safety of the buyers online and should be avoided at all costs. These fake stores are dangerous since they only aim to steal credit card information from their customers and use it for fraudulent activities. Most of these fake sites are operated by criminal organizations and the rest are by deceitful individuals. But there’s a way to avoid falling victim to these fake stores. Customers simply have to check the domain name of the pharmacy sites that they visit and look for the padlock icon and the https://. This is the proof that the site is secure and that it has been verified safe by the web. These sites use SSL encryption to prevent the information being sent by the customers from being intercepted by third parties online.

Verify Before You Buy – Online Pharmacy Verification

Verify Before You Buy

Verify Before You Buy

Verify Before You Buy is an online pharmacy verification website where customers can check the domain names of the online pharmacies they visit to know if they’re operating legitimately or not. The background of the site in question will be thoroughly checked by Verify Before You Buy and will determine whether it is a rogue pharmacy or not. This is also a good method to use for determining the genuineness of an online pharmacy since the services offered by Verify Before You Buy is for free.


Among the advantages that the customers will get in buying meds online along with cheap medicine prices and great convenience is the fact that they no longer have to provide prescriptions for their medications. They can just purchase their drugs right away without any hassles. Customers should also try buying their meds from Trusted Tablets where medicines are of excellent quality and no scripts are required. For more options, buyers can also check our top recommended providers.