4NRX – Average at Best

4NRX – Average at Best

Looking for a reliable online pharmacy on the web is not anymore a problem because of 4nrx. Every kind of medication that the customers are going to need is basically here since the assortment that it has is as huge as what the local pharmacies have. It’s like a one-stop shop that allows the customers to browse through its wide selection of meds and access everything with just a click of the mouse or just a tap from their devices. The categories of drugs available here range from allergy meds up to women’s health drugs with the addition of pet medicines for vets and pet lovers to browse. It has thousands of pharmaceutical products available, branded and generics alike, coming from different GMP-certified manufacturers. For a quick search of the medicines that they need, buyers can also use its search bar where they can put the names of their medicines in and find their drugs in no time.

Starting as early as 1999, 4nrx has already been operating for more than 10 years in selling medicines to its clients all over the world. 4nrx was able to accomplish this because of their partnership with reliable courier and delivery services that has a wide reach, delivering to remote locations in different countries. The shipping options that it provides is also impressive as it offers a standard airmail service which is only charged at $10 for each order and has a wait time of 7 to 14 days. For clients who want to expedite the shipping of their orders can also avail the EMS express shipping option which has a flat fee of only $30 USD and has a quick wait time of 3 to 7 working days. However, the EMS express shipping option can still be affected by shipping delays and 4nrx cannot guarantee that the package will be delivered exactly on the promised date taking into consideration the unforeseen circumstances that could affect the delivery time of the orders. Clients who would like their orders to be shipped discreetly cannot use EMS express shipping option due to the necessary declarations that have to be done in the customs.

Convenience is not the only benefit that the customers will get in shopping their medicines at 4nrx because they also offer very low prices for their products. 4nrx guarantees their customers that they will get their drugs at low costs, up to 80% cheaper and more compared to the ones offered at local drugstores. Buyers can also be assured that the meds that they will get are of the best quality and are approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for safety and effectiveness. Their pharmaceutical products are sourced only from drug manufacturers in countries such as Australia, India, New Zealand, and the United Kingdom from pharma companies such as GlaxoSmithKline, Pfizer, Novartis, and many other trusted companies.

At 4nrx, customers can freely purchase their prescription drugs without providing any prescriptions for them. It is legally allowed by FDA for buyers who will be purchasing their meds for their personal use since personal importation of prescription meds is allowed as long as it will only be for the use of a buyer and not for commercial purposes. The United States and the majority of countries in Europe allow personal importation of meds which make ordering from 4nrx perfect.

4NRX Contact

Unlike other online pharmacies who have complete contact details, 4NRX can only be contacted through email. They provide no support at all for customers who need voice support or even live chat for those who need real-time assistance with their concerns. This is somehow the downside of using 4NRX as an online pharmacy since a lot of customers, especially the elderly, need immediate assistance with their concerns. They have no customer support personnel who would be providing help to the clients that will be needing them.

4NRX Contact Us Page

4NRX Contact Us Page

To contact 4NRX through email, customers must simply fill out the forms on its Contact Us page where they will first be selecting the topic or the reason for their review. They can choose among six (6) available topics which include general concerns, shopping and billing, product availability, Rx price request, order status, and website feedback. Customers are also required to put their full names in, email, subject, and their concern which is only limited to 1000 characters. After filling out the form, users can submit it and they will be receiving the response of 4NRX on the email that they have provided. Concerning the speed of the response that the users will be receiving, the expectations of the users have not been properly set and there’s no specific timeframe given.

4NRX Review

As for the customer reviews for 4NRX, it’s greatly surprising that there’s none even from other customer review websites. Its own website doesn’t have a page dedicated for customer reviews which leaves new customers in the dark concerning the reputation of the store. It is not a positive sign but rather a negative one as customer reviews are important for determining a store’s trustworthiness and reliability. Client reviews provide good insight to new customers and lets them know about the past experiences of people who have already purchased from it. The reviews section is also where potential buyers should read about the comments about many things that would help them decide on whether to buy or not from an online pharmacy. Since 4NRX doesn’t have it, it’s kind of a disadvantage to the customers.

4NRX Reddit

But checking out Reddit, the internet’s largest general discussions site, 4NRX does have one good review.

4NRX Reddit

4NRX Reddit

A Reddit user named tirorin1 have already placed many orders with 4NRX and says it’s a legitimate store. He only waits 5 to 7 days for his orders to arrive but the downside is sometimes there’s an additional customs charge with his purchases.


Overall, 4NRX only rates as an average at best. It’s a good online pharmacy with cheap and quality products coming from reliable manufacturers but its lack of a review section gives it a poor transparency. But its quick shipping of products and FDA-approved is still something that the customers can take advantage of. For other online pharmacy options, buyers can check our top recommended providers.

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