Sildenafil Manufacturers in India

Sildenafil Manufacturers in India

India is among the leading countries in medicine and pharmacy in Asia. They are numerous pharmaceutical currently doing business in India. Most of them have received international recognition while others have the approval of the US-FDA. Sun Pharma is an example of such pharmaceutical company. Sun Pharma has the approval of the US-FDA and it has its operations in more than eight countries around the world. They are the manufacturers of Eriacta and Edegra erectile dysfunction drugs. These drugs contain sildenafil as an active ingredient.

Another recognized manufacturer of drugs that contain sildenafil is Cipla. They are the manufacturers of Suhagra and Erecto.
Other sildenafil manufacturers in India are Global Pharmacy Dropship, JPL Global Private limited, Malik International Pharmaceuticals, Wellona Pharma, Fortune Healthcare and so on. The list of companies that manufacture sildenafil in India is endless. Their products all contain sildenafil as an active ingredient but they have different brand names. However, we have prepared a list of top online pharmacies that sell most of the products manufactured by these companies. They are sold at an affordable price.

These drugs have different doses depending on the manufacturer. Some drugs have 25mg, 50mg or 20mg. The highest dose for most of them is usually 100mg. Notwithstanding, the manufacturer, you need a doctor’s prescription. The essence of a doctor’s prescription is to examine your system and find out the right dose that will be suitable for you.

Drugs manufactured by these pharmaceutical companies have to undergo series of testing before they are put out there to be sold. However, this is not to completely say that all the erectile dysfunction drugs manufactured in India are original. They are certainly some bad eggs among them who don’t follow the best practices in manufacturing these drugs. It is based on this that we advise that you visit any of the online pharmacies on our list. They can also deliver the drug to you discreetly no matter your location.

Sildenafil Citrate Wholesale

They are so many local pharmacies that sell sildenafil citrate in wholesale. Their prices are always cheaper and more affordable than retailers. You can also find pharmacies that sell sildenafil citrate in wholesale online. The internet is a place where you find both the good and bad. Their some scam sites out there waiting to defraud you of your hard earned money.

Manufactured by Cipla

Manufactured by Cipla

With this in mind, we have prepared a list to help you find top online pharmacies that sell sildenafil citrate in wholesale. These pharmacies are reliable and trusted. They sell original products and also do home delivery. A part from wholesale services, they offer retail services too. Their prices are far lower than what you can get elsewhere. For patients who want to buy in retail, you can get free sex sample pills before you buy the product. This will help you test drive the quality of their product. However, you will have to pay for shipping of the free sex sample pills.

Who Gives Sildenafil Manufacturers in India Approval?

India has several agencies that conduct a thorough examination of the quality of food and drug produced by manufacturers in their country. These agencies also monitor the activities of sildenafil manufacturers to ensure that they use the best standards in carrying out their activities. However, these agencies work with the US-FDA regarding drugs like sildenafil that will be shipped to the US. These drugs have to pass through several test and research before they are finally certified as a product for the US.

Branded Viagra produced by Pfizer

Branded Viagra produced by Pfizer

Agencies in India also have to ensure that sildenafil manufacturer meet the entire required test before they are approved. However, there is no doubt that they are one or two cases of sildenafil manufacturers who want to follow the easy way. We have put together a list of top online pharmacies that sell drugs from renowned sildenafil manufacturers. Their prices are affordable and cheap. They have been in business for a while and they have a verifiable address and certified doctors. Don’t forget that sildenafil is a prescription drug. It is in your best interest to consult a doctor before you take sildenafil.


Since the patent Pfizer had over producing erectile dysfunction drugs that contain sildenafil as an active ingredient ended, most Indian companies and others around the world have taken the advantage to manufacture the drug. They have produced a different generic version of the drug to suit the needs of customers. Most of these drugs are effective and also cheap. For instance, Viagra has been modified to be in liquid and in form of a lollipop. Most patients find it difficult to swallow pills in the typical hard form. The generic version of Viagra that you can lick like a lollipop is known as Viagra soft.

They are so many online pharmacies that sell sildenafil online but not all mean well for you. Some are interested in partying with your hard earned money without delivering on their promise to supply good products. If you don’t want to run into such problems, you can visit any of the top online pharmacies on our list. They respect your privacy and would deliver the drug to you discreetly.

Erectile dysfunction drugs that contains sildenafil often has side effects. You may experience headaches, heartburn, weakness, nausea, back pain and so on. It is important to consult a doctor who will guide you. Self-medication is prohibited.

Store at a room temperature and keep it away from women and children. Apply reasonable caution so that you don’t patronize scam sites who buy from unauthorized sildenafil manufacturers. Don’t buy from online pharmacies that offer to sell these drugs without a prescription.