Medicine with No Prescription: Are They Safe to Use without a Doctor’s Recommendation?

Medicine with No Prescription: Are They Safe to Use without a Doctor’s Recommendation?

There are two types of medicines: one that requires no prescription and one that requires a doctor’s prescription. A medicine with no prescription is called over the counter medicine and it can be bought from any local drugstores, supermarket, or chemist. The category of a medicine as a prescription drug and non-prescription drug varies from one country to another. Some countries have a more lax law about drugs while some countries exercise a very strict drug regulation. If you are ordering a medicine from a different country like from an online pharmacy, check first your country’s drug regulations to avoid a custom hold on your order.

Over the counter medicines or medicines with no prescription are often found on self-service shelves. Common over the counter medicines is pain relievers like Advil and Ibuprofen as well as flu medicines like Bioflu and forte. To make OTC drug use effective, you should follow the direction found on its label.

Buying Non-Prescription Medicines

Non-Prescrption Drugs

Non-Prescrption Drugs

Buying a non-prescription medicine is easy. As long as you know the kind of medicine you need, you can easily ask it over the counter of your local drugstore, supermarket, and convenience store. First aid supplies are also considered as non-prescription medicines.

In the US, the most sold over the counter medicines are cold medicines and allergy remedies. Around the world, the most commonly sold OTC drugs are pain relievers, medicines to control diarrhea, and antibiotics. With the increasing number of people using antibiotics and the news that antibiotics are no longer as effective as they used to, antibiotics were declared as a prescription medicine.

Buying a prescription medicine can be done online as well. If you are familiar with the brand and type of medicine that you need, you can just go to any online pharmacy that you trust and process an order. If you are not familiar with any online pharmacy, you can check our list of trusted and recommended online pharmacies such as Pharmacy Mall.

Can I take Non-Prescription Drug without Doctor’s Advice?

Taking a non-prescription medicine without a doctor’s advice is okay as long as you will take your medicine responsibly. Among the things that you need to know when taking a non-prescription medicine are as follows:

  • Read the label on your medicine. Learn how long before you can take the next dosage as needed. Some OTCs should be taken after 4 hours while others should be taken after 6 hours
  • Check the expiry date of your OTC pills especially if you have a stock or a cabinet medicine
  • Check if you can take it safely without food
  • Seek medical help if you have been taking a medicine for 24 hours but your condition is not improving
  • Do not take two tablets of Ibuprofen to make it more effective, over the counter medicines can also cause overdosage

Buying and taking a non-prescription medicine is easy. It is also effective and it works for most people. As long as you follow directions on how to use your OTC drug, you will surely get the relief you are looking for.

Examples of Non-Prescription Drug

Commonly sold non-prescription medicines are medicines that people regularly use. These medicines can be found and purchased over the counter and online without needing to present a prescription. Some of these OTC drugs are as follows:

Non-Prescription Drug Samples

Non-Prescription Drug Samples

For allergies

Allergy remedies are very popular as many people are suffering from allergic reactions that cause nasal congestion and cough. Among the popular allergy remedies that are sold are decongestants (pseudoephedrine), dextromethorphan (Delsym), and guaifenesin (Mucinex). A decongestant is used to improve stuffed nose, dextromethorphan is used to improve coughing, and guaifenesin is used to loosen up mucus buildup due to an allergic reaction. Another popular allergy remedy is Claritin. Claritin improves sneezing and runny nose, two of the common symptoms of allergy.

Pain Relievers

Pain medications are also commonly sold over the counter. Analgesic is the most popular type of pain reliever. It is used to treat headaches, fever aches, body aches, and other types of pains. The only pain that it cannot treat is a pain caused by inflammation.

Another type of OTC pain reliever is Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs). This is the type of pain reliever tablet that treats pain caused by inflammation such as strained muscles. Examples of NSAIDs are ibuprofen and naproxen.

 For Bloating

Another popular OTC medicine is antacids or gas medication. Antacids help improves bloating and heartburn. It helps by reducing the stomach acid inside you that causes heartburn. Examples of antacids are calcium carbonate and simethicone.


Laxatives or medicines that help in improving digestion are also popular and commonly sold over the counter. Different types of laxatives are available such as stool softeners (docusate) and stimulants (senokot). Stimulants help in stimulating the bowel movement by triggering the contraction of the intestinal muscles, resulting in an easier bowel movement.


Diarrhea remedies are also popular non-prescription drugs. Examples of diarrhea remedies are loperamide, bismuth, and subsalicylate.

Loperamide works by slowing the movement of the bowels until it stops while bismuth works by balancing the flow of fluid into the intestine that causes soft stools during a bowel movement. Bismuth also keeps viruses and bacteria away from growing and surviving in the intestines and stomachs.


All medicines with no prescription are safe to use. These medicines are also effective. OTC drugs are also easy to find and buy. You can purchase it from your local drugstore or from any online pharmacy that you trust. You can also check our list of reliable and recommended online pharmacies like pharmacy Mall if you want big savings on your OTC medicines. Pharmacy Mall is a known seller of quality and affordable medicines online. For best result, always read the label of your OTC drugs before taking it. If you can talk to your doctor, talk to him first.

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