How To Detect Early Symptoms Of Diabetes

How To Detect Early Symptoms Of Diabetes

Early symptoms of diabetes are too common and harmless to be easily overlooked. Are you one of the victims who have not not been paying attention to the little tell tale signs also?

What are the early symptoms of diabetes? Diabetes is an the top silent disease that creeps into your life unknowingly. There are 23.6 million of Americans who have contracted diabetes, and research have shown that there is an increasing trend of more people having diabetes. Therefore, it is crucial that you know what are the early symptoms of diabetes so that you can guard yourself from it. Some of the more obvious early symptoms of diabetes include frequent urination, blurry visions and excessive thirst. You can also experience increased fatigue in your daily life. This is due to the fact that excessive glucose remains flowing in your blood and the body could not absorb the energy that glucose provide. This results in a ‘starving’ body which causes the fatigues that you experience.

Why does the glucose remains in the bloodstream? There are only 2 factors, one is due to the fact that the body is unable to produce an hormone call insulin, which is responsible for the conversion of glucose into other forms of sugar. The other reason is because the body could not use the insulin produced by the body.

It is therefore important that you understand the early symptoms of diabetes and maintain a nutritious diet. There are chances that you get diabetes due to hereditary issues. However, most of the diabetic patients out there contracted diabetics due to their lifestyle and diet. As the saying goes, you are what you eat. You have to maintain a balanced diet in order to  have a healthy body.

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