Buying Prescription Drugs In Canada: Why Is It So Popular?

Buying Prescription Drugs In Canada: Why Is It So Popular?

At least once in our lives, we’ll experience contacting an illness or having a condition that required us to take medications for us to become well again. For others, taking medications has become a part of their daily lives, with them having to take maintenance tablets or pills for their condition. Regardless, prescriptions drugs have become indispensable for human life and healthcare. However, with prices of medications rising, especially in Western countries like the US, people are finding it difficult to buy drugs while making ends meet. To that end, many have discovered that they could buy Canadian prescription drugs instead.

The US holds many of the world’s largest pharmaceutical conglomerates in the world, and due to a lack of control by the government in terms of price control, many of the drugs in the country are being sold at unprecedented levels. It has come to the point that even the regular person would have to carefully budget their cash for meals in order to buy the drugs that they need. For this reason, many people are considering buying their prescriptions or ordering them from Canada instead, which has less expensive drugs due to government intervention. While for Canadians they can still be quite pricey, the difference between Canadian and American drug prices is enough to shift the balance in the former’s favor.

Mail Order Prescription Drugs From Canada

Because of the drug prices rising higher and higher, many have been contemplating ordering their prescriptions from Canada, to the point that even several US States such as Vermont, Utah and West Virginia are proposing laws that will allow for the bulk importation of Canadian medications into the country. While this may be a recently developed idea and a bold move for US lawmakers, especially since it is currently considered illegal to import medications from other countries into the US for the purpose of reselling them to the public, this is hardly the first time that people have been doing this.

CIPA Homepage

CIPA Homepage

Ordering prescriptions from Canada have been a common thing since online pharmacies first came about around two decades ago. These businesses are run online and act like the pharmacies you would find in the corner of the street. However, the ordered package will be sent directly to your doorstep, so you don’t have to worry about picking up your order. Canadian pharmacies have dominated this online industry, and not only citizens from the US, but also persons from other Western countries like the UK and even India, Turkey and Eastern countries have people who are regularly ordering medications from Canada. It’s come to the point where even organizations like CIPA exist, who identify which Canadian-based online pharmacies are licensed or not and have made a list of the ones that you can confidently order from.

Buy Prescription Drugs Online Cheap

Aside from the fact that Canadian drugs would be cheaper in general, as long as you compare them to the usual US and UK prices, drugs that make it to online pharmacies are also much cheaper than their pharmacy counterparts. This is because a large amount of competition posed by hundreds of online pharmacies forces the prices to lower down to stay in the game. What’s more, many drugs can be generics found from other counties, which makes them more affordable while still being effective substitutes to the brand name drugs.

Pharmacy Checker Homepage

Pharmacy Checker Homepage

There are several ways you could also use to find the lowest prices. Most online pharmacies, after you input the name of the drug that you’re looking for, will provide you with a list of the drugs with the same name, as well as generic versions, where they come from, and how much they cost. So if you opt to buy a cheaper version from another country, you could easily do so. Pharmacy Checker and eDrugSearch are also websites that search through licensed and registered online pharmacies to find the best prices for the same drug among them.

Buy Prescription Drugs Online Legally

While there are a lot of benefits to be gained from this technological way of buying medications, there is, of course, a great risk that comes with it. There are thousands of people who have been scammed out of their money by a dishonest or illegal medication vendor, and an estimated 90% of all internet pharmacies are not actually licensed to practice their businesses. With this in mind, there are plenty of government and non-government groups that are convincing others not to use online means.

NABPs List of Dangerous Sites

NABP’s List of Dangerous Sites

However, instead of completing abstaining from using these websites, you can instead arm yourself with more knowledge to find the websites that can help you get better and cheaper drugs. The NABP has taken up the initiative to evaluate different online pharmacies across the internet and let people know whether they are legitimate or not. They also sponsor verification programs that help pharmacies establish themselves as legal entities.


Buying Canadian drugs have become one of the possible solutions to the drastic rise in prices in many different parts of the world, most notably in the US. Aside from being cheaper, they are also quite effective, and the close proximity of the US and Canadian territories makes for more reasonable shipping time compared to farther countries. While some US lawmakers are considering the idea of importing Canadian meds to give a more affordable supply to their citizens, many online customers have been one step ahead and have been ordering medications from Canada for many years now through online pharmacies originating from there.

Many are skeptical against the practice of purchasing medications online, especially since you have no idea where they actually come from and if they are real treatments to your condition. However, as long as you make sure that the pharmacy is operating within the law, such as requiring prescriptions for purchase or securing their client’s private information, then there is less of a chance that you will get scammed. If you aren’t sure where to start looking for good online pharmacies, you can start with our recommended list of top pharmacies.

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